Charlie Hogan opened Triangle Meat Market at the corner of Lamar and Pendleton in 1967. This is where Lamar, Pendleton and Kimball come together and has been a popular intersection for every kind of retailer imaginable over the years. The building was triangular in shape because of the shape of the intersection, thus, the name.

Charlie got the business going and decided to sell it early on but after a couple of attempts, he decided he was the one with the passion for the meat business and he kept it, moving to the current Summer Avenue location in 1971. They moved in next door to an A&P Grocery store and were warned that they would never make it. The rest, as they say, is history. A half century later, Charlie’s Meat Market is one of the last of its breed left in Memphis but still run in the family tradition by Charlie’s two sons, Chuck and Dale.

And it’s a good thing. Today, they sell everything you need for a great meal at home including spices, rubs, potatoes and much more. The brand names you’ll recognize are barbecue sauce from The Rendezvous and Las Delicias tortilla chips. So get the family together tonight and create your own feast as you can only get it from Charlie’s Meat Market.

Charlies Meat Market




This is Charlie from an ad made in the 1970’s.
Charlie retired in 2009.