Food Services


This information is for:

  • Restaurants
  • Churches and other places of worship
  • Clubs
  • Senior citizens facilities and nursing homes
  • Distributors of food products
  • All organizations that serve or distribute food of any volume. 


Charlie’s Meat Market is a federally inspected production facility operating under a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture*. This means that a USDA meat inspector is on sight, Monday through Friday observing production, reviewing records and pulling samples to insure that we provide the most wholesome products for the Food Service Industry.

Charlie’s offers a wide range of custom cuts to meet the needs of restaurants and other organizations that are responsible for serving USDA Approved, quality food products.

  • Custom cuts of beef and pork
  • Specialty fresh bulk ground chuck
  • Ground chuck patties
  • Fresh chicken products


There’s much more. See the pages for Beef, Pork and Chicken on this site. Also remember that we have free delivery.

All of our products are made fresh every day and are available to restaurants, churches and distributors of all sizes. Whether you have one location or many, we would be honored to have the chance to provide your food service needs. Contact us by going to the Contact Us page or just call 901-683-1192 or 901-682-6618.


*Our USDA establishment number is 17596.